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Well, spring is here and that means summer is only just around the corner now! If your thoughts are turning to the 2011 camping season but you are after that little bit of extra comfort, then a trailer tent might just be what you are looking for.

For many, a caravan is too cumbersome, expensive to buy and both difficult and costly to store. On the other hand, a tent (large or small) might be just that little bit too rustic! Fine, when you are are young, but older bones creak a bit more than younger ones and, whilst you may still love camping and all that it entails, you perhaps yearn for that little bit of luxury? A trailer tent is the answer! Easy to tow and store, comparatively cheap to buy and yet affording a degree of comfort more akin to a caravan, trailer tents are a realistic option for many a happy camper both for long stays and weekend breaks. Trailer tents are very affordable these days too, particularly if you consider buying a quality used trailer tent!

We hope you find the trailer tent of your dreams at our site and wish you a great camping season 2011 too!

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The forum can be used to exchange views, ask for advice or just to tell us about your trailer tent or latest camping trip.

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About Trailer Tents UK

Welcome to We offer, quite simply, a huge selection of new and used trailer tents of all types and sizes, listed by manufacturer.

So, whether you are looking for a smaller Sunncamp trailer tent for a small family right up to a big family or even a multi family Conway trailer tent, we have comprehensive searchable listings of cheap trailer tents and accessories available on eBay today offering a huge choice and outstanding value for money.

Trigano Trailer TentWe have included listings of tents and folding campers by brand, offering some of the very best value tents, such as Cabanon, and the best quality tents, such as Trigano and Conway.

Please note that our listings are fully searchable so if you cannot see the particular used trailer tent or spare part that you are looking for, simply use the ‘search’ facility at the top of the page. You can also search for the exact size that you need if you are looking for specific measurements or need a certain number of rooms.

Our listings are regularly updated so please do check back from time to time if you cannot see the particular trailer tent that you are looking for. As the domestic camping season draws ever nearer we will be adding more listings of cheap folding campers! has the largest selection of new and used trailer tents in the UK. So, if are looking for a cheap trailer tent, please bookmark our site.

We have also included links to the Camping & Caravanning Club and Camping Club Europe websites, which we hope you will find useful. They are great for finding campsites in great locations. The Camping & Caravanning Club, in particular, has some truly stunning campsites and you are always guaranteed superb facilities.

The Top 3 Advantages of Owning Trailer Tents

Every year thousands of families set out on what they hope will be a memorable and exciting wilderness adventure. Some pack large tents, sleeping bags and coolers and feel that they are adequately prepared to face the elements. However, there are other families who, as much as they love the great outdoors, prefer to sleep soundly and have the convenience of daily necessities close at hand. Trailer tents are a great alternative for anyone who appreciates camping in comfort and although some models may seem extravagant, these traveling luxuries hold many advantages over their more traditional tarp and pole counterparts. Consider this;


Trailer tents offer families of any size the option to sleep, cook, dine and even take shelter without ever having to worry about their tents strength or stability. Many tent trailer models offer a convenient eating area, full twin or queen sized beds, sheltered outdoor dinning area and ample storage. While there are many complaints to be heard while camping as a family, the most common are those surrounding sleeping arrangements.

Even while using inflatable mattresses and high quality sleeping bags, the nights inside a traditional tent are always cold, cramped and uncomfortable. By choosing to travel with a tent trailer, many of which are designed to sleep five comfortably, any family can find sufficient sleeping space and is sure to wake feeling revitalized, energetic and ready to explore.


Although traditional tents are not difficult to build and set-up, they can be frustrating and can be less then convenient when arriving late at your desired destination. Trailer tents offer a quick, straight forward and reliable alternative. Without having to worry about additional equipment such as pegs, string, tarps or replacement poles, setting up trailer tents is easier and more efficient.


In addition to the advantages listed above, cost is also an important point to consider when comparing trailers to traditional tents. As anyone who has shopped for camping equipment will tell you, there is quite a difference in price between the two alternatives. Trailer tents are often priced in the thousands of dollars, whereas traditional tents very seldom rise above a few hundred.

But is this a good reason to buy a traditional tent?

When comparing the prices, it is important to become a well informed and conscious consumer. Traditional tents may be cheaper, but they are less durable then tent trailers and will not last nearly as long. If a family is planning on camping regularly, purchasing tent trailers may be a more economical choice in the long run.

We hope you enjoy the video below demonstrating a 1991 Conway trailer tent...the luxury speaks for itself!

Howling Moon / Land Rover Expedition Trailer Tent
Howling Moon / Land Rover Expedition Trailer Tent
RACLET 'PANAMA UP' trailer tent - on display at camping exhibit until 23-07-17
RACLET 'PANAMA UP' trailer tent - on display at camping exhibit until 23-07-17
Comanche Montana Explorer Trailer Tent 4 Berth NEW includes kitchen unit
Comanche Montana Explorer Trailer Tent 4 Berth NEW includes kitchen unit
Trailer tent, Overland trailer 4 X 4, Aluminium Camping trailer
Trailer tent, Overland trailer 4 X 4, Aluminium Camping trailer
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